Content Shouldn’t Be Complicated.

Let’s simplify.

What We Do

Content strategy, brand storytelling and copywriting for travel, food and wine, and outdoor recreation brands.

Content Strategy

Our process helps you simplify your approach to online content. Less clutter, more clarity, better user experience.

Content Marketing

Our way of brand storytelling forges a deeper, more meaningful connection with your audience. Less tricks, more engagement.


Blogging can dramatically increase your website traffic and engagement — but keeping it fresh can be relentless. We offer a clear plan for success and the skills to execute on it.


Online, offline, over-the-line ... our ability to create copy that sways consumers with your unique brand voice is unmatched.

Who We Are

Headwaters Content is a one-man agency with a network of digital experts and cohorts to tackle any job.
Kind of like a Swiss Army knife for your online marketing.

Kevin Day in La Morra

The Founder

Kevin Day, Principal

Kevin has been a content marketer since before such a label existed. In 2000, while still in college, he landed a summer job as an editor on The Colorado Guide, in which he was tasked with promoting his beautiful home state of Colorado to travelers.

This was a stepping stone toward a career in travel marketing with Miles | Weaver (formerly Weaver Multimedia Group), where he developed content strategies for such clients as the Colorado Tourism Office, San Francisco CVBNYC & CompanyLA INC. and Tourism Vancouver.

In 2011, Kevin founded Headwaters Content, a mini content strategy agency where he could combine his content marketing expertise with his natural instinct for storytelling and visual arts. His skill set balances copywriting, photography, UX design and SEO into one integrated service for his clients.



We're small, but can react faster than a Goliath agency. In fact, many of Denver's top agencies frequently hire us for a specific task on a specific project. Plug us in, and its done.


Images often tell the story better than words. Our travel, outdoor and culinary stock photography library is available to our clients at no extra charge.


We are fans of Colorado and want to do our little part to grow its economy. We love to elevate the awareness of Colorado-based brands.

What Our Clients Say

Kevin is a reliable and creative copywriter and content strategist. Over several projects and hard work the past few years, he has become an honorary member of the marketing team at Aspen Snowmass. From re-writing the vacation planner to better align with our branding and offerings, to being a large contributor to our site re-design and on-going content strategy, we know we can always depend on Kevin to provide thoughtful and strategic work in a timely manner.
Jessica Jacobi

Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Services (Aspen Snowmass)

I had the pleasure of not only collaborating with (Kevin) on a regular basis but also learning a ridiculous amount from him. He's an incredible presenter of ideas and information, filled with energy and passion for a variety of subjects, and his dedication to bringing creative ideas to difficult problems is unmatched. (He) understand(s) that what really matters is the quality of the work. He'll stop at nothing to ensure that the projects he touches exceed expectations and inspire others.
Steven McKenzie

Formerly of Karsh/Hagan

Headwaters Content and Inspirato were both launched in 2011 and have been partners since. Kevin has provided us consistent, strategic and inspiring content that we've come to rely on. His expertise on travel and marketing coupled with his dependable and genuinely positive attitude have been invaluable to our growing company. I have come to count on Kevin no matter how large or how small the request may be.
Brent Harkins

Marketing Manager, Online Content (Inspirato)

Kevin Day has that 'it' factor that you are either born with, or you arenʼt — and most arenʼt. He is flat-out creative and clever. More importantly, he parlays that ability to consistently get results that are above and beyond the expected. The fact that he does all of this while displaying a strong work ethic, being easy to get along with, and being a great team player sure doesnʼt hurt either.
Eric Greene

VP Brand + Innovation + GM (KELTY)

Headwaters Content has provided their exceptional content creation skills to the Aspen Skiing Company for the past three years in a strategic and collaborative manner. Through working with Kevin Day, we have improved our copywriting, information architecture and content creation workflow strategies for and our collateral projects.

They have consistently delivered high quality work on time and within budget.

Michael Faas

Online Services Marketing Manager (Aspen Snowmass)

This was the smoothest site project related to content that I’ve ever worked on.
David Stewart

VP of Interactive (Karsh Hagan)

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