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Water for People Hires Headwaters Content

March 5th, 2012 • 1 Comment
Water for People's website

Water for People's website


Few things are more exciting for us than a new client. But a new client that is working on one of the world’s most critical issues? Now that’s something that truly fires us up.

We’re very pleased to announce that Headwaters Content has been hired by Water for People to create a long-term content strategy and develop content for their suite of communications.

Around 884 million people in the world are lacking access to safe drinking water, and an astonishing 2.6 billion are without adequate sanitation facilities. Compounding these two facts is an increasing shortage of water supplies, which will only place more — and in many cases, catastrophic — stresses on populations.


Solving this massive issue requires more than just building wells and improving sanitation — it requires an infrastructure to maintain and regulate the system. It is because of this that Water for People takes a new approach, which they call Everyone Forever (see above video).

To truly change the reality for communities ravaged by water poverty, Water for People works in areas where it can give every resident safe drinking water and sanitation systems that are self-sustaining. To do this, they collaborate with local governments and business leaders to fund, develop, and maintain water systems that will break the cycle of water poverty for good.

This isn’t a build-a-well-and-move-on-to-the-next-village operation. This is lasting change with extensive health and economic benefits for these communities.

As bold as Everyone Forever sounds, it is an approach that has come to fruition in Chinda, Honduras, and is well on its way in other municipalities where they work.

Water for People is currently operating in 11 countries, including Rwanda, Uganda, Guatemala, Bolivia and India. We’re thrilled to begin work with this next-generation NGO.

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