Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Maroon Bells" is a popular SEO phrase.Quality content is the best SEO strategy.

It’s 4am and you are Googling every keyword combination you can think of … and you are just not coming up.

You have two choices:

  1. Hire an SEO expert
  2. Evaluate your site content

Ideally, you should do both. The expert can identify issues and missed opportunities that are naked to the untrained eye, and your site content … well, it’s probably the reason no one is linking to you.

We don’t consider ourselves an “SEO agency” (yep, you read that right). That’s because SEO agencies typically deliver the analytical research you need, without actually crafting improved content to yield better results.

Instead, our focus is on optimizing content. Frequently, we also diagnose tech problems that are suppressing results — such as duplicate content and broken links — but our focus is on the substance of a site.

And we know that’s a winning mix. When Travaasa Destinations had us evaluate their site, their competitive keyword landscape, and rewrite all of the landing page content, our work yielded a 99% increase in organic traffic in the first month.

Give us a call. Let’s look at your content and see what’s up.

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